Linfeng Zhao

Linfeng Zhao

CS Ph.D. Student

Northeastern University


I am Linfeng Zhao (赵林风), a second-year CS Ph.D. student at Khoury College of Computer Sciences of Northeastern University, advised by Prof. Lawson L.S. Wong. My research interests include reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

I am interested in enabling robots on learning abstracted and generalizable knowledge from the world, as well as applying the learned knowledge to simulated and real-world environments. I recently work on learning structured state representations and dynamics models for decision-making and various tasks.

In the undergraduate studies, I spent the defining time at UC San Diego and worked with Prof. Hao Su on reinforcement learning and computer vision. I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Asia on reinforcement learning during my senior year.


  • [2021/06] Started summer internship at Amazon Science on reinforcement learning.
  • [2021/01] One paper (parameterized action reinforcement learning) accepted to WWW 2021.
  • [2020/11] One paper (model-based navigation) accepted to Deep RL workshop at NeurIPS 2020.
  • [2020/09] One paper (bimanual manipulation using imitation learning) accepted to NeurIPS 2020.
  • [2019/09] Joined Northeastern as a CS Ph.D. student in robotics.
  • [2019/02] Started an intership at Microsoft Research Asia.

Recent Publications

Publication List

(2020). Model-based Navigation in Environments with Novel Layouts Using Abstract 2-D Maps. In Deep RL workshop at NeurIPS 2020.

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(2020). Deep Imitation Learning for Bimanual Robotic Manipulation. In NeurIPS 2020.

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(2020). Match Plan Generation in Web Search with Parameterized Action Reinforcement Learning. In WWW 2021.


(2019). InterFact: Towards Interactive Factorization of Actionable Entities. In preparation.